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Tell me, do you want to travel the world on a budget? Off course you do! Who doesn’t? One of the most important aspect when you are planning a trip is about the accommodations.

Travel & Explore is affiliated with and Airbnb. Providing all types of accommodation you need.

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Find accommodation in hotels, resorts, hostels and apartments with the convenience of the best booking platform in the world.

Some advantages

Diversity of accommodations
In you can find all types of accommodations, from a luxury resort or a castle to a Bed & Breakfast or incredible hostels. Everything in the same platform.

Low prices
The website guarantees the best prices available. You can look around on other accommodation websites, but has the better rates.

Confirmation on time
Once the reservation is made, you immediately receive confirmation of your reservation by e-mail. You don’t need to print anything, you got all informations in the smartphone app.

Didn’t like it, did you find a better place to stay? Just cancel
One of the biggest advantages of is the possibility to cancel a reservation when you find a better place to stay. And most of the time, you’ll not pay anything for that.

Support 24 hours a day
Their support is great! I had a problem with the accommodation I had booked in Casablanca, Morocco and they solved everything quickly.


Find houses, apartments, mansions, bungalows, or just a comfortable room and be like a local with Airbnb.

Some advantages

It’s more personal
If you don’t like the cold and impersonal atmosphere of the hotels, If you don’t like to sharing a shared bathroom in a hostel or you no longer have the patience to bargain for a couchsurfing. Then Airbnb is your place!

Good prices
You can stay in incredible places paying less than a shared room in a hostel. Even if you don’t rent the entire property, you’ll be able to use its facilities as the Wifi, kitchen, laundry and save a lot of money.

Secure payment
Payment is made by credit card or PayPal. Every transaction takes place on the website, you don’t have to send any money to the owner of the property.

Be like a local
Tired of act like a tourist? Wants to live the local experience? Staying on an Airbnb and you can be a bit of that.