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How to get from Seoul airport to city centre

How to get from Seoul airport by train or by bus? Seoul has two big airports: Incheon and Gimpo. Both receive international flights, however, Incheon is the busiest and the main gateway to South Korea.

Incheon has two terminals, Terminal 1 where most companies are based and Terminal 2, which is the terminal for Korean Air and the Skyteam partners such as Delta Airlines, Air France and KLM.

To get from one terminal to the other one, you need to take a transfer, which can be by bus or train. There is no way to walk from one terminal to another. And the best way to get from Incheon to Gimpo is by train.

How to get from Seoul airport to city centre by train

Seoul Incheon International Airport and Gimpo Airport are connected to Seoul by train. However, Incheon has an express railway service between Incheon Airport and Seoul Station.

When I arrived in Seoul, I decided to take the express train (called AREX), because it’s a faster way to get to Seoul Station in the city center. 

How to get from Seoul airport
Vending machine

Incheon is far from the city, more than 50 kilometers away. The express train takes 40 minutes, the ticket cost 9,000 Wons (US$ 8.50). And the travel time by regular train is 90 minutes and the ticket cost 5,000 Wons (US$ 4). Tickets can be purchased at counters or at vending machines, it’s very simple to buy. 

Express Trains depart every 20 to 40 minutes and the regular train leave the airport every 5 to 10 minutes towards Seoul Station.

How to get from Seoul airport
Express train

After buying the ticket, look for the platforms. On one side are the gates for the express train (AREX) and on the other side the gates for the regular train. You have to insert the ticket do get in and get out of the stations, don’t lose your ticket.

Both services had Seoul Station as final destination. In the Seoul Station you can connected to the Seoul subway network. In both services you can buy the ticket until your final destination, including the connection at Seoul Station and the other lines. Just type the name of the destination on the machines, or select from the map at the screen.

The trip is fast and the trains are comfortable. All cars have compartments for luggage, and free Wifi internet connection.

How to get from Seoul airport
Regular train

How to get from Seoul airport to city centre by bus

There’s a bus stop in arrival area and buses connect the airport with all major areas of Seoul. Tickets are 5,000 (US$ 4) to 15,000 won (US$ 12) and the travel time is approximately 60 to 80 minutes, depending the destination, of course.

Tickets can be purchased at the counter near the bus platform. Just follow the signs indicating the designated place.

For more information about the routes and schedules, take a look at

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This is a really helpful article. I was supposed to go to Seoul last year but didn’t make it. Hoping to go there sometimes in the future. One of my first questions is always how to get to my hotel from the airport, so something like this will be useful to me when I go! Thanks a lot.

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